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Research and development

Al Mansour persists on the continuous developments and improvements, remaining a pioneer in innovation in this field. Therefore, extensive marketing researches are conducted to obtain a comprehensive picture of consumers’ opinions and desires inside and outside Egypt. The results of the research are then converted into programs and strategic plans. The company also maintains a policy of strategic expansion to acquire new brands, and at the same time widens its reach and adds value in the existing markets. The Research and Development Department works from this viewpoint and focuses all its energy in order that the variety of products, the doubling of production capacities, and sustainability throughout the year do no longer have an effect on our quality and skill.

Quality and Food Safety

(Quality is the core of our mission from the start to the end)

At Al-Mansour, you find the latest automated production lines in the world, where all stages of production are fully automated without any manual intervention to ensure maximum sterilization, safety and hygiene.Al Mansour for Sweets and Integrated Food Industries that reflects excellence and quality and maintains our status as leading company in the field, requires all our departments to work in accordance with international quality standards all the timeQuality is the basic principle and backbone of the company. Since its beginnings, it has been determined to adhere to the highest quality standards to meet the aspirations and demands of its consumers and to provide the best final products.We always use the finest raw materials of the highest quality from internationally known suppliers Also, our experts continuously monitor and verify the quality of our raw materials to ensure that suppliers comply with our internal standards and policies as well as monitor all stages of production to ensure full compliance with the top- tier quality standards and specifications.


ISO 9001 : 2015                   ISO 22000 : 2018  

 ISO 14001 : 2015                 ISO 45001 : 2018  

Supply Chains

Monitoring the movement of markets globally is part of Al-Mansour’s strategy, to ensure sustainable overall performance and achieve prescient vision and goals by means of making accurate and tangible decisions, in acquiring the high-quality manufacturers, and raw materials suppliers ….  consistent with the encompassing surrounding regulations and standard specifications.This is done through a team specialized in managing supply chains locally and globally in addition to logistics services, also continuously looking for suppliers and success partners for providing inventory permanently throughout the year, ensuring everyday regular production with the best quality standards using strict mechanisms, regulations and policies. AL Mansour’s accredited supplier base is constantly increasing, not only relying on the Egyptian market, however the everlasting tendency to achieve additional stock based on annual plans to meet challenges and ensure work under unusual conditions.


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