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For over 50 years, Al Mansour company has managed to maintain a distinguished reputation and a leading position in Egypt. As the time passed and the growth rate escalated along with doubling the production capability taking into consideration the quality, food safety, the Egyptian and international standard, our products have become part of the daily life of consumers outside Egypt, from North Africa to the Gulf countries, the Middle East, and Germany with a group of the best importers, agents or distributors in their countries

Al Mansour continuously gives considerable support to all his clients and partners in success by:

     ♦  Diversity, innovation and development of products

     ♦ Competitive Prices

     ♦  Flexibility in packaging materials and designing special packages to suit different tastes

     ♦  Follow-up and providing distinctive logistical and marketing services

     ♦  Full commitment in every form (Deals, Appointments, Production)

     ♦  Availability of products throughout the year in accordance with customer requirements

Al Mansour Products

It can be delivered to you anywhere in the globe in all the countries, on all the continents by various means of transportation, at any time of the year and under any circumstances, by dint of to the company’s management that strives for mere market sustainability throughout the year which goes back to our exporting experience

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