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About Al Mansour

Al Mansour for Sweets and Integrated Food Industries

Al Mansour Company was established in 1970, demonstrating its effectiveness for over 50 years, introducing a wide range of fast-moving consumer goods like (Cake – Biscuit – Bakeries – Chocolate and Candy etc.…)

the company has started with a low production capability but with the continuous innovation, a high production capacity was achieved by the company, which resulted in having a leading market share with the highest quality along with most suitable prices, positioning us to be one of the FMCG pioneers in Arab Republic of Egypt  

Our vision

  • Excellence in the snacks and confectionery industry and the production of an upscale product for our customers, which is guaranteed by having a team with scientific expertise working together in a harmonious work environment.
  • Creating an innovative work environment and achieving quality that has the ability to create a second line of cadres to reach the company’s strategic goals
  • Sweep into the future of the snacks and confectionery industry and make it healthy and safe for the upcoming generation

Our values and principles

In continuation of the company’s success and a high level of customer satisfaction, we aim to further raise the level of product quality and continuous improvement of the company’s work performance to satisfy customers, as well as adhere to the laws and legislation of the Arab Republic of Egypt

Therefore, we are serious and determined to make every effort to achieve the objectives of quality and food safety that are updated for each department with the aim of continuous improvement of the level of performance quality, the implementation of integrated system operations, the reduction of costs, the improvement of product specifications, the achievement of customer satisfaction, and the opening of new markets for export through the application of the requirements of ISO specifications 22000 / 2018 – ISO 9001 / 2015

Our mission

  • We are committed to setting benchmarks for leading the snacks and confectionery industry
  • committed to safe products with the highest quality standards at competitive prices

Our strategic goals

  • Opening new markets while preserving the company’s share of the local market
  • Make the greatest effort to achieve customer satisfaction and expectations
  • Continuous development of the application of the integrated system with a team of highly skilled and experienced people

Our message

The challenge has now become to reach leaders who are able to interact with different cultures, deal with all variables, and provide a suitable environment for workers, and this works to produce safe food for the consumer and at the same time reach the expected profit.

We are keen to enhance our leadership and community participation by advancing economic development in our beloved country, Egypt, and increasing employment rates, job opportunities, import and export.


Al Mansour Company is a never-ending success story by means of God then the successful management 

Board of Directors

Mr. Fathy Al-saeed Al-said Mansour

Mr. Mohamed Al-saeed Al-said Mansour

Mr. Al said Al-saeed Al-said Mansour

Mr. Saad Al- saeed Al- said Mansour

Mr. Abdelhalim Alsaeed Alsaid Mansour

Board of Directors Message

It is a pleasure for the board directors to say a word of gratitude to the clients for putting their trust in our products and always prioritizing it over other products in the market, also acknowledging the significant role of our committed staff that we consider them the main partners of Al Mansour Company’s success, Last but not least, we ask God for a continuous help and success for completing the path of success that we has started and for contributing to the prosperity of the economy of our beloved country

Our history

A success Story

The company is looking forward to developing, improving and innovating to remain the leader of the field, also to maintain the expansion policy of the company by adding value to the existing brand 

1970 ⇒

Al-Mansour’s first step in the food manufacturing field started with oriental sweets products including ( Golash, Konafa, Harisa, Basbosa, Malban)

2003 ⇒

The first export shipment of the brand named “Tete”

2006 ⇒

Establishment of the company’s second factory

Its headquarters is located in Gamasa Industrial Zone – Dakahlia – Egypt

2012 ⇒

Increasing production rates by adding cake production lines of Italian origin

And candy and chocolate

2017 ⇒

Starting the first production of the biscuit sector with an American / Danish / Austrian / Italian production line

2020 ⇒

Starting the first production of the snacks sector with the corn chips product in an American production line

Establishing of Al Mansour Company for sweets and integrated food industries along with its first factory, located in Samanoud – Gharbia – Egypt

⇐ 1971

The first production of automatically packaged cake products in the first Turkish cake production line


Increasing production rates to meet the sales and export expansions

⇐ 2011

Expansion in the automatic packaged cake production sector by adding an Italian production line

In conjunction with the start of production of automatic packaged candy bar and chocolate


Expansion of the industrial zone factory in Gamasa

And the start of the first production of the bakery sector with croissant products in a Dutch / Italian production line


Additional expansions in the automatic packaged cake production sector by adding a production line for Italian mold cake and sandwich cake


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